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True to our vision "The world has a multitude of products, we make them unique for our customers." we offer a wide range of applications for different industries in industrial product marking with our marking technologies.

Pad printing

Pad printing is an indirect printing process based on the gravure principle. Due to the elasticity of the printing pad, it finds its application mainly on uneven surfaces and shaped bodies. There is no typical application for pad printing, because the possibilities of this printing process are almost unlimited.

Print-Laser Combination

Our pioneering role in industrial pad printing, opened up opportunities for us to combine two technologies in one process. Our equipment offers tailor-made individual solutions for various product marking applications.

MODULE ONE S mit V-DUO Tampondruckmaschine und Laserkomponente

Our technologies in comparison

Here you can find a comparison of the features of our technologies.

Dietmar Scholz

Dietmar Scholz

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