Laser technology

As a partner with 100 % process ownership, we offer not only unique product marking solutions but also our know-how covering the entire marking process.

MONOLIGHT® laser machines

Discover the ultimate versatility with our MONOLIGHT series! From precise product marking and detailed engraving to efficient layer removal - the laser machines in the MONOLIGHT series offer individual configuration options to find the ideal laser for your requirements.

Laser automations

Our laser marking machines are the solution for serial individualization! Thanks to laser marking machines, such as the MOF series, a wide variety of components can be labeled with individual promotion codes, a multitude of decorations or serial numbers.

Laser software

Our customized laser software solutions have been developed and perfected by TAMPOPRINT to allow precise control of laser systems and seamless integration of complex connections. TAMPOPRINT Laser Suite and iTAMPOPRINT work hand in hand to get the most out of your application. You can rely on our expertise for smooth and efficient integration into your workflows.


With its compact machine design and perfectly matched to pad printing, the CLICHE LASER Xi images high-resolution pad printing clichés quickly and easily. And all this in excellent engraving quality and with an attractive price-performance ratio.

Laser systems service

Our service staff will look after and support you with issues such as maintenance, retrofitting and repairs. They are there for you around the clock. Whether directly at your site or via remote maintenance and use of integrated remote assist technology.

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