Pad printing technology

Pad printing is an indirect printing process based on the gravure principle. Due to the elasticity of the printing pad, it finds its application mainly on uneven surfaces and shaped bodies. There is no typical application for pad printing, because the possibilities of this printing process are almost unlimited.

Standard pad printing machines

Our reliable, uncomplicated and efficient standard pad printing machines for classic pad printing are suitable for numerous tasks in industry. The standardization of our machines has numerous advantages for our customers: The industrial marking systems deliver optimum print results, high process stability and durability, and offer ease of operation, maintenance and cost savings.

Pad printing automations

We offer our customers complex, semi- and fully automated industrial marking systems for large quantities and high cycle rates. These include the MAP modular system (Modular Automation Platform) or the CLOSURE PRINT COMPACT and ROTOPRINT rotary automations. In applications where production flexibility and user-friendliness are particularly important, our semi-automatic systems of the MODULE ONE Series score highly.


As your ultimate one-stop shop, we provide a comprehensive range of consumables and equipment tailored specifically for the pad printing process. Whether you require top-quality printing pads, precision-engineered clichés, efficient ink solutions, or any other essential components, we have you covered. Our commitment is to streamline your pad printing experience by offering a complete suite of products that ensures optimal performance and impeccable results.

Pad printing machine service

Our service staff will look after and support you with issues such as maintenance, retrofitting and repairs. They are there for you around the clock. Whether directly at your site or via remote maintenance and use of integrated remote assist technology.

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