The best possible quality for your print motifs

With decades of experience in pad printing and its special features, our team in the DTP department is at your disposal for the best possible quality of your print motifs. From advice and support in the selection of a suitable cliché to the delivery of ready-to-print clichés.

Cliché Selection

  • Advice on the selection of a suitable cliché
  • Raw clichés or ready-to-print clichés
  • Clichés for all commercially available pad printing systems - including third-party products

Artwork Production

  • Print image adjustments: Fine-tuning and optimization of your print images for perfect results.
  • Preparation of supplied artwork: Professional processing and preparation of your artwork for pad printing.

Cliché Studio

  • Professional cliché production
  • Modern imaging techniques
  • Ready-to-print clichés - less effort
  • Strict quality controls
Luisa Martinez
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Luisa Martinez

I am at your disposal for any questions you may have regarding the cliché imaging.

Tel. Nr.: +49 7150 928-257