Precise and reliable

Best known products are safely marked with our pad printing and laser marking automations.

Pad Printing


Printed with ENCODER, ink type U-HF

  • printing on shaped objects
  • pad printing ink conforming to standards
  • can be integrated into process chain
Pad Printing

Cosmetic packaging

Printed with CONCENTRA and RTI, ink type P-AF

  • high registration accuracy
  • versatile application possibilities
  • high image quality
Pad Printing

Pregnancy test

Printed with HERMETIC, ink type U-HF

  • printing of shaped objects possible
  • high printing ink resistance
  • high speed
Pad Printing


Printed with MODULE ONE M, ink type U-HF

  • printing on shaped objects
  • automated printing process
  • special ink shades possible
Dietmar Scholz

Dietmar Scholz

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