High precision for more safety

End customers as well as suppliers from the medical technology industry rely on TAMPOPRINT for precise marking and decorating of sensitive products.

Pad Printing

COVID 19 test

Printed with MAP, ink type U-HF

  • validation possible
  • project procedures in accordance with GMP quality assurance guidelines
  • excellent printing ink resistance
Pad Printing

Valve cover for masks

Printed with HERMETIC, ink type U-HF

  • validation possible
  • printing on shaped objects
  • excellent printing ink resistance
Pad printing or laser marking


Labeled with a fully automated system

  • fine print images
  • stable labeling process
  • validation possible
Pad Printing

Counter rings

Printed with MAP, ink type U-HF

  • high edge sharpness
  • stable marking process
  • validation possible
Laser marking

Chirurgical devices

Laser marked with system component SK65

  • individual batch marking
  • permanent marking with article number
  • sterilization resistance
Pad Printing

BFS Container

Printed with customized machine, ink type P-AF

  • high process speed, with pre- and post-treatment
  • high quality printing on shaped objects
  • validation possible
Combination of pad printing and laser marking

Glass tubes

Laser marked and pad printed with MODULE ONE M, ink type B/GL

  • combination of laser marking and pad printing for changing codes
  • high quantities
  • sharp contour printing on shaped objects
Pad Printing

Roll plaster

Printed with customized machine RTI and RAPID, ink type RDF-HF

  • high ink saturation
  • stable printing process
  • validation possible
Leukoplast-Rollen mit Tampondruck

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