Versatile applications

Sanitary products must be particularly durable. This is where the TAMPOPRINT combination of laser marking and pad printing delivers the right result in the highest quality.

Combination of pad printing and laser marking

Bathroom faucet

Labeled with the laser marking and pad printing combination MAP

  • laser marking and pad printing combination to increase printing ink resistance
  • low build up of tolerances
  • special ink shades possible
Laser marking

Shower hose

Laser marked with system component SK62

  • individualization
  • high edge sharpness
  • long lasting marking
Pad Printing

Gas and water fittings

Printed with ENCODER, ink type TP-CD

  • can be integrated into process chain
  • very high printing ink resistance
  • specially adapted pad stroke, sublevel printing possible
Dietmar Scholz

Dietmar Scholz

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