Permanent labeling with the highest precision

In the white goods sector - both small and large appliances - our pad printing and laser marking machines print brand names, logos, scales, numbers or symbols on millions of electrical household appliances of all kinds around the clock.

Pad Printing

Washing machine panel

Printed with TSM, ink type U-HF

  • large, shaped objects can be printed
  • high printing ink resistance
  • stable printing process
Pad Printing


Printed with RTI, ink type U-HF

  • all-around printing
  • high printing ink resistance
  • high ink saturation
Pad Printing

Steam iron control dial

Printed with V-DUO, ink type U-HF

  • high registration accuracy
  • high printing ink resistance
  • fine print images
Pad Printing

Steam iron faceplate

Printed with HERMETIC, ink type U-HF

  • high printing quality
  • printing on shaped objects possible
  • high printing ink resistance

Dietmar Scholz

You have a product that you want to label, but do not know how? I will be happy to help you!

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