Stephan Berger

Joins the company in 2001 and has been Technical Director since 2021

What do you do at TAMPOPRINT®?

Together with my team, I take care of all product developments and optimizations. In addition to machines and components, we also develop many processes and printing applications. Much of my work involves taking customer, process, and product requirements and then implementing them through internal or external projects. I am in constant dialog with my colleagues from sales and our customers so that together we can identify trends at an early stage or derive new ideas for new products and processes from the discussions. Of course, I’m always there for my staff. I always try to create optimal conditions, only in this way can my team optimally master the often very demanding tasks.

What was your most courageous moment?

In development, things rarely work without courage, as we are almost always allowed to deal with new things. It always takes the courage to try something new, to question an existing process or to become involved in a completely new topic without knowing in advance whether it will be successful. Therefore, I believe that we are courageous every day, so I cannot name a single moment.

What makes your work interesting?

It is the diversity of the technical and organizational challenges. We work in so many different industries and markets, and it’s ultra-exciting for me to keep learning about new products and processes. I have the opportunity to visit many production facilities and factories and learn how products are made. It is like watching a science TV program as a child, but up close and personal. We get to work with the latest technologies every day, which is another real highlight for me.

What is the special thing about working at TAMPOPRINT®?

There are few companies which are as broadly positioned as TAMPOPRINT. From customized mechanical engineering to the production of thousands of pads. However, the special thing is my colleagues. For me, helpfulness and team spirit are what make the working atmosphere at TAMPOPRINT such a special family atmosphere.

What strength should you have to fit in with the team?

I think enthusiasm for complex technical challenges is essential. If you enjoy systematically solving tasks where the solution is often not immediately obvious or has to be created from scratch, then you’ve come to the right place. A broad technical interest, including outside of your own area of expertise, is a plus.