Ceylin Duman

Industrial clerk trainee at TAMPOPRINT since 2023

What do you do at TAMPOPRINT®?

As a trainee in my first year at TAMPOPRINT, I have already gained experience in the Application Technology department (AWT) and in Sales. The AWT is often regarded as the heart of TAMPOPRINT, which I can confirm. This department is extremely versatile and every day you learn something new, which is a continuous challenge. During my time in AWT, I had the opportunity to carry out printing processes and get to know our machines better. This experience helped me a lot as a prospective industrial clerk trainee, especially when I moved into sales. Thanks to my understanding of the printing processes, I was able to enter quotations and orders independently after learning how to create a quotation, for example.    

What was your most memorable moment during training?

It was the transition from school to the world of work. After graduating from secondary school last year, I started my professional career straight away, which was a completely new experience for me. Adapting to the working environment, working eight hours a day and learning new tasks was a challenge, but I successfully mastered it. I have now settled in well and am very happy with my decision. The pleasant working atmosphere and flexible working hours help me to enjoy coming to work and motivate me to give my best.

What makes your work interesting

It never gets boring at TAMPOPRINT! There is always something new to learn in every department, and sometimes you even have the opportunity to take on other tasks outside your own department. One particularly exciting project was planning the recruitment trade fair and designing the goodie bags. As first and second year trainees, we had to do this completely ourselves. Our motto was: "by trainees for trainees", and we worked on it for weeks and months to achieve the best result.

What is the special thing about working at TAMPOPRINT®?

What makes working at TAMPOPRINT so special is the opportunity to get to know a new department and new colleagues every three months or so. By the end of my training, I will have been in every department. The informal relationship between colleagues helps to ensure that I come to work happy and motivated every morning. It makes the working atmosphere pleasant. Even if I have a problem, I can easily get help without feeling uncomfortable, especially as a trainee.

What strengths should you have to fit in with the company?

To fit into our team, it is important to have flexibility and the ability to deal with criticism. It can happen that employees fall ill, especially in winter, and support is needed in other departments. In such situations, it is important to be flexible and ready to help out where necessary. It is normal for trainees to make mistakes at the beginning and learn from them. It is important to accept constructive criticism and grow from it. Therefore, the ability to deal with criticism and to develop further is an important strength for working successfully in our team.