We take responsibility for a sustainable future

We are determined to take responsibility and make a significant contribution to securing a sustainable future. Our company believes it has a responsibility to help ensure that the world remains a place worth living in for future generations.


TAMPOPRINT continuously strives to promote sustainability. We at TAMPOPRINT Germany are pleased with the progress we have made in this area and are proud to have been awarded the EcoVadis label. We are actively continuing our efforts to improve and we are striving to continuously increase our sustainability performance.

Certified facilities

Thanks to our integrated quality management system at all TAMPOPRINT production sites, we guarantee continuous improvement of our processes and thus our overall performance.

Certificate: DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Conformity and safety

Compliance with machine directives and the emphasis on high safety standards are not only an obligation for us, but also an expression of our responsibility towards customers, employees and society as a whole. Compliance with these standards is of central importance to us and ensures not only legal conformity, but also the trust of our customers. Through thorough risk assessments and innovative technologies, we minimize potential hazards and continuously improve the safety of our machines. Regular training of our employees and regular inspections ensure that our production processes meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Saving resources

In order to act more sustainably and conserve resources, we have introduced various initiatives at the TAMPOPRINT headquarters. We have saved almost 50% of our electricity costs through optimization processes and are constantly improving our green footprint with internal guidelines such as the Zero Paper Policy. We contribute to sustainability through other measures such as the reuse of filling material, material recycling and product development with a view to reducing resources.

Social responsibility

We promote social responsibility not only internally, but also in our interactions with business partners through our Code of Conduct. Ethical standards and social issues are an integral part of our business practices. Through regular engagement, we support social projects, improve people's lives and promote sustainable development. We see this not only as an obligation to give something back to the community and make a positive contribution to society, but also as an opportunity to leave a lasting impact together with our community and partners and create a better future for everyone.

To the Code of Conduct

Integrity and ethics

We ensure that internationally recognized values are respected within the company and in all business relationships. Honest and fair cooperation paves the way for the future. Acting lawfully and behaving ethically are fundamental prerequisites for securing our long-term business success. Our principles and measures for acting with integrity are anchored in our Code of Conduct.

To the Code of Conduct

Long life cycle

As an innovative company with a long history, we regard a long service life as a fundamental value that extends to customer and supplier relationships, employees and our machines and products. A long service life forms the basis for sustainability through the elimination of waste and the careful use of resources. For example, we achieve high energy efficiency and a long service life thanks to our machines' state-of-the-art drive technology. Our printing pads also have an impressive long service life and thus reduce the use of materials. Our mission and vision are based on ecological, economic and social standards. Through research and modern technology development, we actively strive for greater sustainability and a positive contribution to the environment and society.

High supplier standards

We carry out regular audits and site visits to production material suppliers and require them to commit to compliance guidelines. Suppliers are only added to our list after a successful sanction check to ensure compliance with international laws and ethical standards. This promotes transparent processes, cost reduction and sustainable supplier relationships. Only suppliers who pass this check become part of our network.

Environmentally friendly products

We set the highest standards not only for our machines, but also for our consumables. We consistently pursue the further development of our ink series in order to make them more environmentally and user-friendly. Our ink series, the U-HF and RDF-HF series, have already successfully passed demanding tests. Due to their environmentally friendly composition, these inks are not only environmentally friendly, but also less harmful to the end user. The RP printing pad wheels are made from recycled plastic as they are a sustainable option due to their frequent changes. With our CRS printing rings, only the silicone ring needs to be replaced, while the core can be reused. In cliché production, we are increasingly using laser-engravable cliché materials in order to reduce the use of chemicals.