Innovative strength & inventiveness: The roots of pad printing

Wilfried Philipp is considered the “father” of pad printing and the company name TAMPOPRINT is now synonymous with the printing process. The company was founded in 1956 as “Gravieranstalt Wilfried Philipp - Industriegravuren” and the foundation stone for industrial pad printing was laid with the invention of the silicone pad in 1968. The starting point for this innovation was Philipp’s claim to be able to print ink on materials and bodies that are curved or uneven - and to keep improving the quality. Thanks to the inventiveness of our company founder, the one-man business grew. Further innovative inventions such as the HERMETIC closed ink system (1983), rotary pad printing (1981) or the first laser-produced clichés (1993) brought TAMPOPRINT further forward. Over the decades, numerous inventions and patents were added and the original process was further developed into a flexible system. Today, TAMPOPRINT focuses on the optimal interaction of all operations and system components in the printing process. A particularly in-depth know-how in all processes and the will to find an optimal solution even for seemingly unsolvable challenges for customers make us the technology leader and “enabler” in the industry, and a company that wants to continue to revolutionize the market - completely in the spirit of our founder, Wilfried Philipp.


On our way to becoming the market leader in pad printing, we have continuously developed over the past decades. Here are the most important milestones:


Foundation of engraving company as a one-man operation


First prototype for machine pad printing (still with gelatine pads)


Invention of the silicone pad by Wilfried Philipp - Industrial pad printing becomes possible


Presentation of the first pad printing machine at the Hanover Expo


Clock industry: Filigree handwork is made possible by machine pad printing


Cooperation with Asian markets: first Japanese sales office in Tokyo


Large K-exhibition appearance in Düsseldorf


Start of customized mechanical engineering


World’s first rotary pad printing unit enables high-speed printing


Hermetically closed ink/doctoring system


Introduction to cap printing (beverage industry)


RAPID: First electro-mechanical printing machine


Introduction to laser technology for labeling


First laser-produced clichés: Start of development of cliché imaging machines for end customers


USA: Foundation of the “TAMPOPRINT® International Corporation” in Vero Beach, Florida


TSQ: First transverse-doctor system


SPAIN: Foundation of “TAMPOPRINT® IBERIA S.A.U.” in Barcelona


First laser inside marking for beverage closures


HYBRID: World’s first pad printing machine with integrated cliché production by laser


SPEED: World’s fastest pad printing machine in the non-rotary sector


INTAGLIO: Pad printing system for raster and photorealistic images


MAP: Introduction to the Modular Automation Platform


MODULE ONE Series: Introduction to the Modular Standard Machines Platform


Concept of a linear automation platform


CLICHE LASER Xi: Cliché laser for INTAGLIO laser clichés


Today, TAMPOPRINT is a leader in the development of machines and processes for demanding, industrial pad printing and laser marking. Our comprehensive, customized solutions, which are unique in terms of quality, performance and efficiency, make us the world’s most professional and largest supplier on the market.

Memories Wilfried Philipp

“Are you happy with it?” was his most common question during the weekly company tour. He said he was satisfied when the employees were satisfied. And he could afford that, he said, because his people had a fire inside them. There was no need to ask who lit that fire when you saw the sparkle in his eyes.

Pad printing provider with a high quality claim

Today, TAMPOPRINT is a leader in the development of machines and processes for demanding, industrial pad printing and laser marking and has been operating internationally for decades. The TAMPOPRINT family of companies includes the two subsidiaries in Spain and in the USA (Florida). Over 40 internationally active authorized dealers ensure that we can provide optimum support to our customers around the world at all times. Each year, TAMPOPRINT generates sales of 40 million euros with 150 employees.

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