Feasibility analysis and sampling

By means of a feasibility check, our application technology department works out the best possible approach for your marking process after a thorough, detailed analysis of the task at hand.

  • Determination of the optimum interaction of all components
  • Support with machine setup
  • Process optimization of existing production systems
  • Support from pad printing and laser specialists

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Small series production and start-up support

In order to verify the process sequences and to realize an introduction phase of a series production, a so-called pilot series, there is the possibility to produce the pilot series by our experienced application technology department.

  • Development of marking processes
  • Determination of print/laser machine parameters
  • Verification of process sequences
  • Integration into automations or production lines


We offer our customers comprehensive support for the required validation processes. Thanks to documented evidence, TAMPOPRINT customers can prove at any time that they are meeting their commitment to high-quality products along the entire supply chain.

  • Support for sensitive industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical technology and automotive
  • Validation according to GMP guidelines
  • Validation according to IATF 16949 guidelines
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Kyle Yuill

I will be happy to answer any technical questions you may have.

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Ink and alternative transfer media

We provide our customers with expert advice on choosing the right printing ink. But we also reliably solve every task in processes that are not linked to ink, such as the application of lubricants, adhesives, release agents or medical active ingredients.

  • Advice on choosing the right pad printing ink
  • Determination of all process requirements for the printing ink (viscosity, drying time, light and abrasion resistance, solvents)

Cliché studio

In order to achieve excellent printing results using the pad printing process, the choice of the right cliché is crucial, in addition to the right printing pad and ink.

  • Advice on selecting the right cliché type and material
  • Print image adjustments
  • Preparation of supplied printing artwork
  • Production of ready-to-print clichés
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John Hoffman

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the application.

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Laser software


iTAMPOPRINT is our universal software application for controlling and monitoring laser processes. With iTAMPOPRINT, the machine can be fully electronically controlled and integrated.

  • fully networked and integrated into the application process
  • intelligent control and monitoring


The TAMPOPRINT Laser Suite is a proprietary development of TAMPOPRINT. It enables precise control of the laser unit and is compatible with iTAMPOPRINT.

  • installed as standard
  • user-friendly and intuitive to learn
  • guaranteed data security
  • enables special applications
  • complete process integration
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Frank McLaughlin

You can contact me anytime with any laser marking software questions.

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