MAP laser automation

With the MAP laser automation, components can be marked fully automatically. Due to the "Mark on the fly" technologies used, cylindrical components, for example, can be marked in one go. This eliminates the need for step-by-step marking and significantly increases the output quantity. Due to the perfectly matched laser components, various laser applications can be realized on the MAP platform.

MOF Series

The MOF series uses "Mark on the fly" technology to mark a wide variety of products in an unclocked process at high speed. The compact design allows the machines to be easily integrated into existing production lines. In addition, the MOF series can be expanded to meet customer-specific requirements thanks to an extensive range of accessories.

Pad printing and laser combination machines

Every day, automations from TAMPOPRINT print, mark and decorate millions of surfaces of all kinds. In combination with integrated laser systems, special solutions are also made possible in pad printing that require the highest precision in printing on the smallest surfaces, combined with laser engraving, in single and multiple colors on convex, concave, cylindrical and uneven surfaces.

MODULE ONE S mit V-DUO Tampondruckmaschine und Laserkomponente

Automation Services

Automation services

Our service staff will look after and support you with issues such as maintenance, retrofitting and repairs. They are there for you around the clock. Whether directly at your site or via remote maintenance and use of integrated remote assist technology.