Accurate to the point

Thanks to our precise and reliable pad printing and laser marking automations, our customers always get the solution for their application.

Pad Printing

Ball point pen

Printed with HYBRID 90-2, ink type CFU

  • high printing ink resistance
  • variety of printing motifs thanks to fast print motif change
  • integrated cliché production
Pad Printing


Printed with automation, ink type P-AF

  • lower consumption of consumables compared to other printing processes
  • high printing quality
  • multiple use possible
Pad Printing

Permanent marker

Printed with RTI, ink type P-AF

  • fine print image
  • stable printing process
  • high print quality
Laser marking


Laser marked with system component SK62

  • individualization
  • high edge sharpness
  • inline solutions possible
Birgit Smith

Birgit Smith

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