Max Schmidt

Joined the company in 2016 and has been mechanical engineer since 2021

What do you do at TAMPOPRINT®?

As a mechanical engineer, you are responsible for designing special machines and special accessories. This includes designing and modeling components in the CAD system, creating technical drawings and creating and linking assemblies. In addition, I am responsible for planning electro-pneumatics, creating parts lists and assembly drawings, supporting the sales department and assisting with the installation of our systems.

What was your most challenging moment?

My most challenging moment was one of the first machines that I was allowed to design and supervise on my own. It was great to see how the machine "grew and prospered", how new assemblies were added and the puzzle continued to fit together. In the end, the machine worked perfectly for the customer and is still doing its job reliably today.

What makes your work interesting?

The interesting thing about the job is seeing how parts, assemblies and entire machines that you've designed yourself actually look. That is, when you get to see them finished and see how they work after spending hours and days looking at the parts on the screen, designing and drawing them. Only then do you really see: Have you thought of everything? Have you considered all the interfering contours? Do the parts or assemblies work exactly as you imagined them?

What is the special thing about working at TAMPOPRINT®?

The fact that you are always faced with completely new and demanding tasks. Of course, you rarely start from scratch, but there are always technical challenges that have already been solved in a similar way. Nevertheless, it is always exciting to deal with the hurdles and tasks and to find and design the best possible solution.

What strength should you have to fit in with the team?

In order to fit in well with the team, you should definitely demonstrate initiative, creativity and determination, so that you can execute the given constructive freedoms in a goal-oriented manner and on time. In addition, you should not have blinders on, but be open to new methods and processes.