Jannis Maier

Application engineer, with the company since 2019

What do you do at TAMPOPRINT®?

My activities are in the area of the feasibility of printing processes with the focus on pad printing. My responsibilities range from sales support (machine acceptance, demonstrations, etc.) to services for our end customers (service calls, on-site and internal training).

What was your most challenging moment?

One of my first service assignments to a customer in England.  It was very exciting and a lot of fun. All the machines had to be checked on site and the printing process analyzed and documented, as production had been moved to another country. I had to talk and interact with the engineers and staff there on the printing machines in their language. What motivated me a lot was that the customer was satisfied and the assignment was completed with full success.

What makes your work interesting?

It's definitely the variety of feasibility inquiries that we are allowed to process in application technology. Inquiries from medical technology to the automotive industry and many other sectors are passed on to us every day by our sales department. Due to the large product portfolio of TAMPOPRINT, we also have the possibilities to realize many customer inquiries.

What is the special thing about working at TAMPOPRINT®?

TAMPOPRINT is the world's leading manufacturer of pad printing machines, which alone makes it exciting to work here. Since we are active in so many industries, it never gets boring. The service visits to customers on site, as well as the presentation of basic training in pad printing, also present a new challenge every time.

What strength should you have to fit in with the team?

To fit into our team, you should first and foremost have a good sense of humor and be able to work in a team. A vein for technical expertise and creativity is also important and indispensable. We work on our machines every day and we often have to improvise and solve printing and machine technology tasks to get where we want to go. You should also be open and communicative, as we have to interact a lot with other departments and customers.

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