Cleaning equipment

  • for cleaning ink/doctoring cups and clichés
  • gentle removal of 1- and 2-component ink

Foil Rolls/Tape

  • automatic cleaning of printing pads during the printing process
  • no impairment of the print image due to dust and ink particles
  • available in different sizes

Cross Support/XY Table

  • easy and precise positioning of printed parts
  • different versions available

Printing accessories

  • large selection
  • enable clean and practical working environment
  • everything from one source

Assembly table and gripping tongs

  • easy set-up with the "hermetic" pad printing system
  • clean and quick change of ink/doctoring cup and cliché
  • different sizes available

Holding plate and interleaving paper

  • High stability when printing with thin cliché plates
  • protection of thin cliché plates (compensation of unevenness)
  • various sizes and designs available

Lapping plate and paste

  • for re-lapping ink/doctoring cup on site
  • fast resumption of the printing process

Thrust collars

  • for fixing ink/doctoring cups in "hermetic" pad printing systems
  • different sizes available


Derek McCoy

We are your partner with 100 % process ownership and see ourselves as a full-service provider. In addition to machines and consumables, we provide you with the right process accessories.

These useful auxiliaries accompany the process, make your work easier and you achieve high-quality print results.