Sandra Rommel

Deputy head of purchasing, with the company since 2004

What do you do at TAMPOPRINT®?

My tasks include all sub-areas of operational and strategic purchasing, such as supplier evaluation, supplier potential analysis, supplier development and support, dunning, participation in supplier and price negotiations and much more. Furthermore, I am responsible for the commercial trainees as a training manager.

What was your most challenging moment?

It was the decision to do my further training as a certified business economist (IHK) part-time. When I started further education in 2012, I initially had my doubts about how to harmonize my further education, my job and my private life. So that none of the points is too much neglected. But then it turned out that with a few restrictions it was not a problem. The great support from TAMPOPRINT also made the whole thing even easier. Looking back, 3 years have flown past.

What makes your work interesting?

It’s the diversity in purchasing that makes the job unbelievably interesting. No day is like the other, every day you are faced with new challenges. Since we in purchasing procure all the components for our machines, as well as other items that are required in the factory on a daily basis, we have to have knowledge in all areas.

What is the special thing about working at TAMPOPRINT®?

The good working atmosphere and the helpfulness of colleagues. When a problem arises, an attempt is made to solve it together. The flexible working hours and home office are further points that make working at TAMPOPRINT so special.

What strength should you have to fit in with the team?

To fit into our team, you need to be open-minded, flexible and enjoy your work. In addition, you should also be able to think outside the box and act based on the situation. A new colleague should also understand fun and not always take themselves too seriously.