In-house developed cliché material

Thanks to our many years of experience and process expertise, we know how essential it is for all process components to be in perfect harmony in order to achieve ideal print results. That is why we produce our cliché material ourselves. Through constant optimization and further development of the cliché material, we are able to offer a cliché material optimally matched to the pad printing process for every application.

6 reasons to choose TAMPOPRINT® clichés.

Wide range of pad printing clichés

Wide range of pad printing clichés

Pad printing clichés for other makes

Pad printing clichés for other makes

In-house pre-press department

In-house pre-press department

Cliché material optimally matched to pad printing requirements

Cliché material optimally matched to pad printing requirements

In-house production and constant further development of the cliché material

In-house production and constant further development of the cliché material

Ready for printing pad printing clichés

Ready for printing pad printing clichés

Cliché assortment

Cliché cylinders

CP cliché cylinder and ceramic cylinder

Our high-performance clichés for rotary pad printing. They are used for precise all-round printing of rotationally symmetrical parts and for decorative mass printing of closure caps.
Our in-house developed laser engraving process directly engraves cliché cylinders with screen and line motifs. So we are able to image your cliché immediately after approval in our cliché studio.

Cliché plates

Ceramic cliché plate, steel cliché plate and steel cliché plate SST

Classic pad printing is universally suitable for decorative and technical marking. To perfect the printing result, we have developed special flat cliché types for a wide range of requirements.
For high or low volumes, raster or line engraving - you will find your suitable flat cliché in our portfolio. In standard sizes for TAMPOPRINT machines or custom made for other brands.

Thin cliché plates – laser engraving

INTAGLIO laser cliché plate, Magnet-Aloxid cliché plate and Aloxid-special cliché plate

An alternative for fast production and flexible order processing is offered by our aluminum thin clichés with special coating. You can directly image these yourself and on your own.
With our cliché lasers, you can create line and raster engravings independently, quickly and easily. Ask us. We will be happy to advise you when making your choice.

Thin cliché plates – UV exposure

Magnet-screen cliché plate, record-special cliché plate and Magnet-Aqua cliché plate

Another option is the indirect imaging of clichés. Our special thin printing plates for photographic production are suitable for this purpose. They are suitable for decorative and technical marking in the small and medium batch segment. Their imaging takes place manually. We will be happy to advise and support you in choosing the right cliché.

Cliché band

microflex cliché band HYBRID and INTAGLIO laser cliché band HYBRID

The TAMPOPRINT cliché bands have been specially developed for the TAMPOPRINT machine HYBRID 90-2. A pad printing machine with integrated cliché production. The cliché band is inserted into the machine, lasered “on demand” in the machine and then used for printing.

Production variants

Indirect imaging

Clichés, which have a layer that can be hardened by UV light, are imaged using film templates. The unexposed or uncured layer is washed out. The resulting cliché depth depends on the exposure time and the screen film.

Direct imaging

In laser engraving, the cliché coating is removed by the laser. There are two types of laser engraving. In layer-dependent laser engraving, the entire coating is removed. Whereas with parameter-dependent laser engraving (INTAGLIO process), the coating can be removed to different depths.

Production output of pad printing clichés

The production output corresponds to the service life of a pad printing cliché. This is influenced by a number of factors. How long a cliché can be in use is determined not only by how the cliché is handled, but by the entire system. The TAMPOPRINT pad printing components are adapted to each other and developed in such a way that the individual components have a considerably long service life when used together - compared to competitor products.

Overview of the production output of TAMPOPRINT® pad printing clichés.

Pad printing cliché type Max. number of printed parts
Ceramic cliché 3 million
Steel cliché 1 million
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The stated production output corresponds to the values determined by TAMPOPRINT, taking into account a wide range of influencing factors.

Do-it-yourself cliché

For independent order processing, we offer our do-it-yourself clichés. With our flatbed exposure unit or CLICHE LASER PLUS, you can create your print-ready clichés quickly and flexibly on your own. Our INTAGLIO system, consisting of INTAGLIO clichés and the CLICHE LASER Xi, offers even greater flexibility: With this cliché laser, several clichés can be imaged at the same time - and with different cliché sizes! Raster and line engravings are possible on one cliché and are 100% reproducible.


Chris Schumacher
Cliché & Ink Lab Production

In our cliché studio, we have been working on new cliché materials and developing suitable imaging processes for decades. This now allows us to produce the best cliché for each application. Our years of experience allow us to address the specifics of pad printing and use them for the best result.

In our in-house pre-press department, our experts design finished print images from your artwork and ideas. With your approval, you will receive a print-ready result in the shortest possible time.

Whether you want to image it yourself or have it ready to print, we will be happy to advise you on choosing and ordering your suitable pad printing cliché.

Ask us!

Each application has its special requirements. Accordingly, the selection of a suitable cliché is already the basis of a clean pad print. We will be happy to assist you in selecting a pad printing cliché that is right for you.

Pad printing cliché inquiry

Unprocessed pad printing cliché inquiry


Cliché assortment overview

Operating manual: Aloxid-special cliché

Operating manual: Magnet-Aloxid cliché

Operating manual: Magnet-Aqua cliché

Operating manual: Magnet-eco cliché

Operating manual: Magnet-screen cliché